The CCP Creates Another Historical Miracle: Holding an Open Trial of the Psychopaths in a High-Profile Way

by Han Wuming

(from China)

It’s really the No.1 strange news in the world: On August 21, the CCP judicial system, media, and a group
of psychopaths shared the same stage, playing a “comedy” of the evil CCP’s going mad. The chief director of this “comedy” is the Ministry of Public Security, the CCP underworld clique, and the major characters are composed of Zhang Lidong, the CCP media, the CCP judges, “the experts at opposing the cults,” and other “non-humans.” The funny play performed by the legal illiterates and gangsters predicts that the “doomsday” of the CCP is nearing.

When people saw the “Trial of the Case in Zhaoyuan” full of holes, someone asked, “Doesn’t the CCP fear that it will shoot itself in the foot?” Very soon people completely see clearly that the CCP doesn’t have “face” nor “feet”! It is unreasonable. At the trial, the criminal Lyu Yingchun said, “I came to know Almighty God in December 1998. From childhood I knew that I’m God Godself.” Hearing the self-contradictory and incoherent words, doesn’t everyone present realize that she is a psychopath? She also said, “At that time, I realized that actually a ‘wicked spirit’ had been attacking us and sucking our chi, making us feel weak and feeble. We both recognized that she was the ‘wicked spirit.’ …We saw the chi in her move around her back and belly circle by circle and her belly become swollen. Our spirits felt that her suction and attack were getting stronger and I felt increasingly weak.” At the words, we know she is mentally disordered and that she is simply a psychopath going mad. Then she continued, “The government cracks down on Zhao Weishan’s ‘Almighty God,’ instead of our ‘Almighty God.’ Theirs is the false ‘Almighty God,’ while ours is the true ‘Almighty God.’” It is not reliable for the CCP to use the lunatics to do evil. She casually lets the cat out of the bag. You see, one word of Zhang Fan lays bare its secret. The inside story of the CCP’s creating the false case and framing and defaming Almighty God has come out. CCP, do you have other words to say? The monstrous murderer Zhang Fan said in the court, “My mother is an ‘evil spirit’ and the ‘king of wicked spirits.’ She practices the working of ‘evil spirit’ on us. If I meet her, I’ll kill her.” This lunatic is so crazy that she even wants to kill her mother. She said, “In 2010, I was a ‘firstborn son’ of Almighty God. This May, I received the ‘authority’ from Heaven to kill evil spirits and became ‘God Godself.’ ‘God Godself’ means that my essence is God. The essence of Lyu Yingchun is also God. The relationship between Lyu Yingchun and I is that two bodies share one spirit. We are doppelgangers to each other.” What she said sounds more and more ridiculous. Her psychosis really broke out!

From the statements of Lyu Yingchun, Zhang Fan, and the others, we can completely see that this gang of criminals spoke incoherently and talked nonsense. They’re really a gang of through-and-through psychopaths. As for so obvious witnesses and testimonies, a gang of rascally judges who handled the case even paid no heed; moreover, they ascribed the evil of the psychopaths’ murdering people to the Church of Almighty God. Is there anything wrong with the law of China or the law enforcement officers? The CCP uses several psychopaths to create public opinion and ballyhoo for killing religious people! Is the CCP, such a group of “psychopaths,” getting freaked or going mad? From May 28, in handling the case, the CCP police diverts attention and imputes the crime of the psychopathic murder to the Church of Almighty God through the scheme of framing up; without investigation or legal evidence, it wantonly propagandizes and suppresses the church, which is simply the base means used by the gangsters and legal illiterates. It’s so ridiculous and only psychopaths can do that. However, CCTV, the CCP’s most influential media, actually “beats the drum” for its lies, willingly being the public opinion instigator of the evil CCP and lying openly. In face of a group of psychopaths, the CCP wildly employs the “public security organs” and social opinion resources, and they sing the same tune, trying the best to defame the Church of Almighty God. It can be seen that these “psychopaths” of the CCTV have been reduced to being the running dogs of the CCP power politics.

I think next the CCP dictatorial government should adopt a “Resolution that the CCP Will Lead All the Chinese People to Strive Forward with the Psychopaths.” The resolution should say: On August 21, 2014, under the “wise” leading of the CCP and the presiding of the CCP’s Intermediate People’s Court in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province, the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Public Security, United Front Work Department, Ministry of Culture, CCTV, underworld gangsters, hired scribblers, psychopaths, and other “guests” held an unprecedented “open trial” for a case of murdering and shifting the blame on someone else. The reason why it achieved a great result is that we applied the philosophy of “it’s folly to be wise,” gave full play to the “butterfly effect of psychosis,” and improved the scientific theory of calling white black. Therefore, the Party Central Committee decides: Amend the Constitution of the Communist Party of China. The detailed arrangement is as follows.

The general principles of the Party Constitution have been changing in recent years. Due to the dissolution of the Communist Party of the former Soviet Union, the Communist parties in central Asia were all kicked off the historical stage. If we continue to extol Marxism-Leninism, we will be on the road to extinction. Besides, Marx and Engels were also psychopaths and were possessed by evil spirits. They said that they were the followers of the satan sect, so some people are unwilling to follow us. Mao Zedong killed too many lives, and the people will rise up to take revenge. If we do not break up with it, we will bring trouble upon ourselves. Dwarf Deng’s “One Country, Two Systems” is going to fail soon. The Dengs’ has seized half of China’s wealth and now all of them have gone abroad. All people know that he is the greatest beneficiary of the evil teaching that “it doesn’t matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.” The people also demand to clear the accounts. “Three Represents” of Jiang Zemin, Black-hearted Jiang, can even less be mentioned. This licentious demon cannot cover up for its being corrupt and debauched. The “Party” has reached a life-and-death moment and we must have a new thought. The “Murder in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province” provides a rare opportunity for the development of our “Party.” Thus, through discussion, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee decides: Delete the former thoughts from the general principles of the Party Constitution and according to the psychopaths’ character of being stimulated, we write into the Constitution the “Scientific Ideology of Psychopaths’ Getting Crazy.” This is a new thought, and now the Chinese people are in need of vigor and stimulation. “Psychopaths Lead the Chinese People to Push Forward the Path of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” will surely be effective and powerful! The proposal of the “Theory of Psychopaths’ Administrating the Country” will remedy China’s future development. Through the “Zhaoyuan Case,” we all see that if a country’s politics, judicature, education, and public opinion all become crazy like the psychopaths, it will easily gain the people’s sympathy. Moreover, the most scientific part is muddying the waters. There is one principle in founding the Party, conducting oneself, and doing things, which is that “it is easy to fish in muddy waters.” This time we see that as long as some psychopaths create a disturbance, some psychopathic media personages spread propaganda, and the “public security organs” become crazy, all the people will become crazy! It is just like the “Cultural Revolution.” Of course, now we don’t mention the word “movement” but we call it “reform.” This time the “reform” is deep, that is, to let all the Chinese people head for Hades under the joint leading of the “Party” and psychopaths!






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