The CCP High-profile Trial on a Group of Psychopaths Shocks the World

by Wang Xiaoping

On August 21, 2014, the Intermediate People’s Court in Yantai City, Shandong Province held an open trial for “the 5/28 Case in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province.” Along with the criminals’ statements in court, these sheer psychopaths again become the focus of the whole world. On the court, a group of normal people kept their ears up, held pens, or carried cameras, throwing themselves into the unrestrained world of psychopaths.

The absurd statements of these “chief gods” and “small gods” are funny and ironic. The criminal Lyu Yingchun said, “I came to know Almighty God in December 1998. From childhood I knew that I am God Godself. When I read the ‘firstborn sons’ in the book of Almighty God in 1998, I firmly believed that I was a firstborn son.” “Only Zhang Fan and I, that is, the ‘firstborn sons,’ can represent the real ‘Church of Almighty God.’” Lyu Yingchun said that she was God Godself one moment and later said that she was a firstborn son. Isn’t she mentally disordered?

The criminal Zhang Fan said, “The essence of Lyu Yingchun is also God. The relationship between she and I is that two bodies share one spirit. We are doppelgangers to each other.” Doppelgangers? Zhang Fan, do you think you are Monkey King? It is obvious that a psychopath goes mad on the court.

Zhang Lidong said, “On May 28 this year, when Zhang Hang gave her phone number to the woman at the McDonald’s, she told Zhang Hang, ‘Get away from me.’ Then my daughter Zhang Fan, the original person of God, said that the woman was ‘an evil spirit and a devil.’ So I beat her to death.” Does Zhang Lidong’s words have the logic that an adult should have? Isn’t he a lunatic fabricating wild tales?

The incoherent statements of these psychopaths amused the audience and journalists in the public gallery. Such a funny spectacle is the very “illustrious chapter” the CCP wrote with the psychopaths.

As we all know, “the 5/28 Case in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province” is the excuse on which the CCP again launches a comprehensive crackdown on the Church of Almighty God. The CCP directs all the spearheads at the Church of Almighty God and takes this opportunity to wantonly spread rumors and slanders. But in fact, these psychopaths have nothing to do with the Church of Almighty God at all! They claimed themselves to be gods and others to be fake. From their illogical, contradictory, and absurd statements, it is not difficult to draw a conclusion that the “Zhaoyuan Murder,” which has kept the whole world in suspense for nearly three months, slaps the CCP fiercely in a very dramatic way.

Evil never prevails over justness, and the fact will surely come out. The Church of Almighty God has already set up many websites overseas, and successively published and broadcast the word of Almighty God on major media in the world. Even though the CCP stops at nothing to frame and defame the Church of Almighty God with lies and rumors, the Church welcomes the people from all walks of life to seek and investigate. As a Christian of the Church of Almighty God, I see that the truth rules in the Church of Almighty God, where there is full of fairness and righteousness. The Church of Almighty God only accepts those who have good humanity and are willing to seek the true way and accept the truth but not the lunatics, fools, and psychopaths!

What is psychosis? I think this question is quite familiar to the Chinese. It is reported that there are 16,000,000 severe psychopaths in China, which has reached to an extent that hospitals can’t take them in. In the criminal cases through the years, “psychopathic murders” has become one characteristic of China. Before trials, some criminals were suddenly found out that when committing crimes, they couldn’t control themselves due to a psychosis attack, and then the legal authorities would no longer investigate the liability. The victims could only admit that they had the misfortune to meet psychopaths, for they could do nothing with it. This time Lyu Yingchun, Zhang Lidong, and the others have really broken the historical record of China’s psychopaths! They become the main characters many media have been covering closely; moreover, they have stood on the court beneath the gaze of many eyes, which really makes the psychopaths in China hold their heads high! But for the CCP government’s “favoring,” how could the psychopaths stand on such a “high-profile and solemn” court and draw the world’s attention?

We can’t help sighing about this event. The CCP actually takes several psychopaths seriously. It not only “publicly tries” the psychopaths, but also condemns the Church of Almighty God and its millions of Christians with the psychopaths’ words. It can be seen that the CCP has already come to a dead end and exhausted its tricks.

Those who slightly know about the truth of the history will acknowledge what the CCP does best is slaughtering and that the history of the CCP is a history of struggle full of blood. According to the CCP’s doings, it is the real evil party and cult, and only the evil party and cult with such abnormal thoughts will have dialog with the psychopaths regardless of being ridiculed by the world, and take the words of the psychopaths as the evidence to suppress the underground churches.

Now the truth has been exposed. With regard to how the CCP will end this farce, let’s wait and see!


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