Why does God descend in a hidden way and work in China?


Because we see that God did the first two stages of his work in Israel and did them in an open way, we think that God will do the end-time work in the same way as before, who will descend publicly to Israel or some other country blessed by God and will never descend in a hidden way to an atheistic country cursed by God—China. We have such a thought because we don’t understand the principle and the significance of God’s doing each stage of work in each age, but measure God’s work of today against his former works. Actually, God doesn’t work according to regulations and he has principles in the way of doing each stage of his work. No matter what working place and working object he chooses in each stage of his work, and no matter whether he works in a hidden way or in an open way, they are all meaningful, and he works according to the need of his work, his own will, and his wisdom, as well as for achieving the results of the work. Just as Almighty God says, “Every work he does is meaningful. He works according to his own will and by his wisdom, not according to man’s choices or man’s notions. Whatever benefits his work, he will do it; if it brings no benefits to his work, he will not do it, no matter how good it is! He works and chooses the objects and the place of his work according to the significance and the purpose of his work. He does not work according to former regulations, and he does not apply old formulas. He plans his work according to its significance and will achieve real results and achieve the intended purposes in the end. …” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh)

【Eastern Lightning】【The Church of Almighty God】
The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—the end-time Christ Almighty God in China, and it isn’t established by any person. The Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading the utterance God expressed you will see that God has appeared.

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