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Shocking the World: Breaking News in China—The CCP Is Suppressing and Slaughtering Christians of the Church of Almighty God Nationwide


by Li Chunyi

(from Korea)

On May 28, 2014, the CCP meticulously contrived the “Murder in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province” by using a band of psychopaths. Moreover, it used major media to wildly propagandize, framing and defaming the Church of Almighty God. It openly claimed the Church to be a cult and even clamored frenziedly, “Troops won’t be withdrawn until the extermination is completely finished!” Soon afterward, on June 16, Office of the CCP Central Committee of Guarding Against and Dealing With Cults held a national teleconference on a nationwide special campaign, the “One-Hundred-Day Battle,” to crack down on the Church of Almighty God, escalating the evil and savage act of suppressing the Church into an “urgent, arduous, and significant” political task. Then, they determined the Church to be a “cult” and listed that into the article of the law and issued the document to every province and city, severely cracking down on the Church and taking the brutal measure of “imprisoning a batch and killing a batch.” The Central Government even allotted tens of millions of yuan to reward those units, individuals, and informers that made outstanding achievements, stimulating the masses to denounce and expose Christians of the Church and inducing them to fight a “people’s war” to besiege the Church. In August, the evil CCP audaciously and unscrupulously deployed armed police and regular troops on a large scale to launch a comprehensive arrest and annihilation of Christians of the Church.

Take Zhejiang Province for example. On July 15, 2014, the CCP held a special conference on cracking down on the Church of Almighty God at the Great Hall of the People in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. The participants included the CCP high officials, such as the Chief of Staff from the Logistics Department of the Nanjing Military Region, the Commander from the Logistics Department of the Nanjing Military Region, the Director of Shanghai Military Representative Office, the Vice Mayor of Wenzhou City (who takes charge of the military), and the Secretary-General of Wenzhou City; in addition, there were representatives, such as the staffs from the Garrison Headquarters of Military Subarea, armed police, traffic police, the reserve forces (retired soldiers) of Wenzhou, and frontier guards. There were over 300 people in total. The conference declared that the Central Committee had officially listed the “Church of Almighty God” as a “cult” through legislation and decided to carry out a special action to crack down on the Church, aiming to abolish and eradicate the Church thoroughly. In the conference, the Secretary-General of Wenzhou required: The participants must sign a written guarantee about not joining the Church of Almighty God or any other religious activities, and those who refuse to do it will be expelled from the party and dismissed from their posts; if the family members of the cadres and participants believe in Almighty God, they must order the members to withdraw from the Church, otherwise they will be severely punished; if people join the Church, they will be arrested, fined, imprisoned, and so on, and they will be deprived of the social security and their immediate family will lose jobs.

After the conference, the departments of Zhejiang government in all levels acted in unison to secretly arrange the special action of arresting Christians of the Church of Almighty God. They dispatched over 3000 reserve personnel to assist the residents’ committee in inquiring people about their religious beliefs in such ways as registering door to door, checking residence cards, and chatting with the residents. Meanwhile, armed policemen and undercover policemen were distributed on the streets. Some acted as strangers to approach suspected persons by asking for directions, and some disguised themselves as beggars to shadow suspected persons in succession. Furthermore, two experts were specially dispatched to Wenzhou from Beijing by the CCP to find out those who preached the gospel in buses in 2012 from the surveillance videos. Moreover, they tried to find out and investigate those believers in Almighty God who had been arrested and had records, who were famous, or who were converted from the religious denominations. In August, the CCP successively sent some troops of armed police to stand by in various places of Wenzhou: On August 18, it dispatched 1000 armed policemen to Longwan; on 20th, it sent 800 to Cangnan; on 23rd, it sent 500 to the local military camp of Ruian; on 25th, it dispatched 1100 to Shatou Town of Yongjia; on 26th, it sent 600 to Yueqing. In September, the CCP sent large regular troops to various cities of Zhejiang Province: First, it dispatched over 3000 ground soldiers of the first brigade of the first division of the Chinese First Army to Cangnan; second, it sent over 2000 tank soldiers with more than 20 tanks of the third division of Shenyang Military Region to Pingyang; third, it dispatched over 2000 officers and soldiers with more than 10 missile carriers of a brigade of Shanxi Second Artillery Force to Cangnan; fourth, it sent 2700 marine soldiers to the Nanji Island of Pingyang; fifth, it dispatched over 5000 foot soldiers of a division of the Chinese Third Army to Qingtian; sixth, it sent 87 picked ground soldiers with over 10 vehicles to Wenzhou. United action was taken in Zhejiang Province and a week-long mass arrest of Christians of the Church began from September 28. To coordinate with the arrest this time, the CCP government spared no expense to build three large prisons near Quzhou, Jinhua, and Longhushan in Zhejiang Province.

At present, the evil CCP is frenziedly launching a nationwide campaign of annihilating the Church of Almighty God. It mobilizes people throughout the nation, media, public security police, armed police, and troops to carry out an evil action of comprehensively hunting and annihilating Christians of the Church, and it uses the media such as TV and Internet to attack, blaspheme, and slander the Church wildly and smear Christians of the Church. It makes negative broadcasts and propaganda in the places such as big and small streets and squares in cities and countryside. In addition, it stimulates all forces to do blanket searches, sending the specially-assigned people to investigate village by village, house by house, and person by person; it seems that “it would let off no one even at the cost of wrongly killing one thousand.” As a result, danger is apprehended in each province, city, town, and even each street and the entrance to each village; everyone is on tenterhooks. Chinese people are living in the atmosphere of extreme horror.

This time the CCP government has long premeditated to wildly suppress and slaughter Christians of the Church of Almighty God and mobilize people throughout the nation to oppose God. Moreover, it bears down in an overwhelming manner, and its means are base and brutal to the utmost; it seems that it won’t stop until God’s chosen people of the Church are exterminated. It can be seen that it is atrocious and evil to the extreme! The evil CCP has perpetrated every heinous crime and is unpardonably wicked. Its evil deeds are too numerous to record, making people bristle with anger. It has become the most reactionary and evil Nazi group in the world today! It is more evil, reactionary, and ferocious than Hitler’s Nazi organization, simply beyond it!

About this, some people may be greatly puzzled: Why does the CCP government deploy armed police and regular troops to annihilate defenseless Christians? Actually, the answer is very simple: This is because the end-time incarnated Almighty God comes to work in China, and he expresses millions of words, and makes public all the mysteries in the Bible, God’s six-thousand-year management plan, how God saves man in the end time, how God ends the age, mankind’s future destination, and so on, so that the Chinese people who live under the ruling of the CCP’s power see the light and see the hope of being saved and return before Almighty God one after another. This fact makes the CCP extremely terrified, because it hates the truth to the utmost and fears the true light, and it doesn’t acknowledge God’s existence and is even more afraid that all the Chinese people will accept the true way and thus reject it. Especially when the CCP sees that the words Almighty God expresses and the testimony articles about God’s chosen people being persecuted by it are continually published on major media and newspapers abroad and all kinds of videos and films of testifying God’s end-time work are swiftly uploaded onto big websites overseas, and that its monstrous sins of persecuting and afflicting God’s chosen people are thoroughly exposed to the world, it becomes even more shocked and terrified, deeply feeling that its regime is about to fall apart and it will face the fate of destruction and collapse. In exasperation, the CCP makes a frenzied attack and initiates an unexampled mass arrest and persecution of the Church of Almighty God. This is the reason why the CCP mobilizes armed police and regular troops to unbridledly arrest and persecute God’s chosen people.

Now, Almighty God expresses all the truths of purifying and saving mankind in the end time, like great light illuminating the land of China. They have been acknowledged by all just people who have conscience. All mankind are investigating and seeking Almighty God’s word, and they start to wake up. The CCP devils get panic-stricken and bear extreme hatred, fearing that mankind will all accept the truth and return to God and thus be saved by God. So they begin to attack frenziedly, running counter to right principles and acting against Heaven; they regard the Church of Almighty God as their enemy and publicly condemn it, and even legislate to punish it. The fact is enough to prove that the CCP itself is a thorough cult and the center of the world’s darkness and evilness! In today’s world, no country brazenly dares to legislate to condemn a religion and mobilize national regular troops to launch a comprehensive crackdown and suppression on it. Only the CCP dares to risk universal condemnation. In less than half a year, it rises higher and higher tides of wantonly suppressing the Church of Almighty God and its means of persecution escalate unceasingly. It first created the “May 28 Shandong Zhaoyuan Case” to frame and defame the Church. And then it carried out the “One-Hundred-Day Battle,” starting a people’s war to crack down on the Church. Moreover, it brooked no delay to legislate to condemn the Church as a “cult,” and later it audaciously mobilized armed police and regular troops to suppress the Church bloodily, in an attempt to eradicate it thoroughly. However, the CCP outsmarts itself. Through its persecution and cruel suppression of the Church of Almighty God time after time, it even more makes the world see clearly its evil nature and devilish substance of going against Heaven and being hostile to God and that the CCP is the most dangerous and evil violent state terrorist group in the world. Two thousand years ago, after King Herod, the ruler of Israel, learned that Jesus, the King of Israel prophesied in the Scriptures, was born, to safeguard his regime, he gave an order to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under. Two thousand years later, after the CCP knows that Almighty God is incarnated to work in China, it not only hunts Almighty God frenziedly, but also attempts to annihilate all the Christians following Almighty God. It can be seen that its means are even more malicious than those of Herod, Israel’s king in ancient times. However, all that from God will thrive and all that from satan will perish. Although the CCP government is vicious and tries every possible means to hinder and frenziedly suppresses the Church of Almighty God, Almighty God’s kingdom gospel has still spread to every corner of Mainland China. Now, it is spreading with lightning speed to various countries and regions, such as the USA, Japan, Canada, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. This is a fact that God has already accomplished. The unprecedented grand state of the spreading of the kingdom gospel will surely appear on the whole earth, which can’t be hindered by anyone. God’s righteous disposition doesn’t tolerate any offense. The CCP acts against Heaven and is hostile to God. It has long provoked God’s disposition and is doomed to be destroyed by God. Only those who accept Almighty God’s work and obey and worship Almighty God can be saved and remain.

When the Lord Jesus came to earth to work, he said, “Repent you: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Now in the end time, Almighty God comes to earth just to save mankind and then he will end the age. So mankind should see clearly when it is now. When Almighty God works in the end time, it is the last time that he saves mankind, and then he will end the age. Almighty God admonishes mankind clearly, “We all believe that the thing God will accomplish cannot be hindered by any nation or any force, and that those who obstruct God’s work, resist God’s word, and disturb and damage God’s plan will eventually be punished by God. If a man resists God’s work, God will cast this man into hell; if a nation resists God’s work, God will destroy this nation; if a race rises up to oppose God’s work, God will make this race disappear from the earth and no longer exist. I would advise every race, every nation, and even people in every walk of life to come to listen to God’s voice, look at God’s work, and show some concern for mankind’s destiny, letting God become the most holy, most honored, and most high and only object of worship among mankind, and letting the whole mankind live in God’s blessings as Abraham’s offspring lived in Jehovah’s promises, and as Adam and Eve whom God created in the beginning lived in the Garden of Eden.”(from The Word Appears in the Flesh)

As the saying goes, “Good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil.” The CCP is evil, brutal, frenzied, and atrocious to the extent of exploding hysterically! It runs counter to right principles and acts against Heaven, and publicly resists God and opposes God. It has long incurred Heaven’s wrath and man’s resentment and is hated both by man and God, and it is cursed by God. In the Age of the Grace, all those who hated Jesus and were hostile to Jesus were all destroyed. This is a fact. In the Age of the Kingdom, all those who hate Almighty God and are hostile to Almighty God will also be destroyed and doomed eternally. As God destroyed the ancient Roman regime that was hostile to Jesus in the Age of the Grace, so will he destroy the CCP’s atheistic regime that is hostile to Almighty God in the end time. This was already predetermined by God! All those who resist the last Christ and oppose Almighty God will surely be punished. This is absolutely true. It fully proves that God’s disposition does not tolerate any offense. This is a never-changing truth! When the CCP resists God to the peak, that will be the exact day it perishes!

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The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—the end-time Christ, “Almighty God”—in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s expression, you will see that God has appeared.