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[The Church of Almighty God] The Truth of the CCP Suppressing the Church of Almighty God

                      After the CCP created the Shandong Zhaoyuan Case and prepared public opinion for its overall crackdown on the Church of Almighty God, it mobilized armed police and regular troops to arrest Christians of the Church of Almighty God and all the underground churches. On June 16, the CCP first launched a special nationwide campaign, the “One-Hundred-Day Battle,” to deal with the Church of Almighty God. Besides, it took out tens of millions of yuan to reward those units, individuals, and informers that made outstanding achievements, stimulating the whole nation to fight a people’s war to report and arrest Christians of the Church. In July, the CCP determined the Church of Almighty God to be a cult and legislated to punish it. In August, the CCP mobilized armed police and regular troops to carry out a full-scale annihilation of Christians of the Church, overwhelmingly cracking down on the Church across the whole country.

                According to the CCP insiders, on July 15, 2014, a special conference on cracking down on the Church of Almighty God was held at the Great Hall of the People in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. The participants included the CCP high officials, such as the Chief of Staff from the Logistics Department of the Nanjing Military Region, the Commander from the Logistics Department of the Nanjing Military Region, the Director of Shanghai Military Representative Office, the Vice Mayor of Wenzhou City (who takes charge of the military), and the Secretary-General of Wenzhou City; in addition, there were representatives, such as the staffs from the Garrison Headquarters of Military Subarea, armed police, traffic police, the reserve forces (retired soldiers) of Wenzhou, and frontier guards. There were over 300 people in total. The conference declared that the Central Committee had determined the “Church of Almighty God” to be a cult through legislation and decided to carry out a special action to crack down on the Church, aiming to eradicate the Church thoroughly. After the conference, the departments of Zhejiang government in all levels acted in unison to secretly arrange a special action of arresting Christians of the Church. They dispatched over 3000 reserve personnel to help the residents’ committee inquire people about their religious beliefs in such ways as registering door to door, checking residence cards, and chatting with the residents. Meanwhile, armed policemen and undercover policemen were distributed on the streets to watch suspected persons. Some acted as strangers to approach suspected persons by asking for directions, and some disguised themselves as beggars to shadow suspected persons in succession.

             In August, the CCP successively sent some troops of armed police to stand by in various places of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province: On August 18th, it dispatched 1000 armed policemen to Longwan; on 20th, it sent 800 to Cangnan; on 23rd, it sent 500 to the local military camp of Ruian; on 25th, it dispatched 1100 to Shatou Town of Yongjia; on 26th, it sent 600 to Yueqing. In September, the CCP sent large regular troops to various regions of Zhejiang Province: First, it dispatched over 3000 ground soldiers of the first brigade of the first division of the Chinese First Army in Beijing to be stationed in Cangnan; second, it sent over 2000 tank soldiers with more than 20 tanks of the third division of Shenyang Military Region to Pingyang, Wenzhou; third, it dispatched over 2000 officers and soldiers with more than 10 missile carriers of a brigade of Shanxi Second Artillery Force to Cangnan; fourth, it sent 2700 marine soldiers to the Nanji Island of Pingyang; fifth, it dispatched over 5000 foot soldiers of a division of the Chinese Third Army to Qingtian; sixth, it sent 87 picked ground soldiers with over 10 vehicles to Wenzhou. This time the CCP mobilized armed police and regular troops to Zhejiang Province on a massive scale, just for the purpose of arresting Christians of the Church of Almighty God. United action was taken in Zhejiang Province and a week-long arrest began from September 28. Furthermore, to coordinate with the arrest and annihilation, the CCP government spared no expense to build three large prisons near Quzhou, Jinhua, and Longhushan in Zhejiang Province. From this series of arrest and annihilation measures, it can be seen: This time the CCP government has long premeditated to cruelly persecute and bloodily suppress Christians of the Church of Almighty God; the scale is so large, the oncoming force is so fierce, and the means are so malicious, which goes even further than the crackdown on the June 4th Students’ Strike. The CCP even mobilizes regular troops and armed police to suppress and annihilate a group of defenseless Christians, wishing to exterminate all believers in God. It shows that the CCP is more brutal than fascists. It can’t be overstated that the CCP is the most dangerous and evil violent terrorist group in the world.

              In today’s world, the religious belief has long been acknowledged and accepted and has become a universal value. Just as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says, “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes … freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.” However, the CCP government is so evil and shameless that against the UDHR, it frenziedly cracks down on and suppresses the Church of Almighty God while widely proclaiming the “freedom of religious belief.” It not only launches a special nationwide campaign, the “One-Hundred-Day Battle,” to punish the Church and stimulates the whole nation to persecute Christians of the Church, but even mobilizes large troops to suppress and annihilate the Church and arrest and persecute its Christians, in an attempt to destroy God’s work. Perhaps some people may ask, “The CCP makes such a big fuss to severely crack down on the Church of Almighty God, and it even uses armed police and regular troops to suppress and annihilate the defenseless Christians. Why does it do so?”

                Actually, it is not difficult to understand this question. This is because since the last Christ, Almighty God, appears and works in China through being incarnated, he has expressed millions of words, disclosing all the mysteries, such as the mysteries hidden in the Bible, God’s six-thousand-year management plan, how God will end the age in the future, and mankind’s future destination, with the result that Chinese people’s hearts are awakened. From God’s word, many people find the truth, see the sun of righteousness and the appearing of the true light, and see the hope of mankind’s being saved. So they all forsake the darkness for light and return to the true God of creation. The CCP sees that Almighty God’s word is so powerful that once the people understand and grasp the word, it can’t deceive or corrupt them anymore. And no matter how it brainwashes or tortures and imprisons them, it can’t change their determination to believe in God. So the CCP is very afraid that people will listen to Almighty God’s word and fears that people will all follow the true God and reject it, and thus its dictatorial rule will be under threat. This is what it fears most. Therefore, in order to control the Chinese people forever, the CCP puts all its efforts on a frenzied attack. It launches a nationwide campaign of arresting and suppressing Christians of the Church of Almighty God comprehensively, attempting to exterminate God’s chosen people of the Church and thoroughly abolish and disintegrate the Church. That’s why the CCP frenziedly persecutes the Church of Almighty God.

            The true way has always been persecuted, which is a universally recognized fact. However, in history, only China mobilizes army and armed police to annihilate the defenseless Christians completely. It can be seen how evil and reactionary the CCP is! Although the CCP wantonly persecutes the Church of Almighty God, Almighty God’s work isn’t hindered in the least due to the CCP’s persecution, because the thing God will accomplish can’t be hindered by any person or any force. During only twenty years, the gospel work of Almighty God has broken through various oppression and spread in Mainland China on a grand scale, so that millions of people have returned before Almighty God in succession. Now, the kingdom gospel of Almighty God is spreading to every other country and place with mighty force. The churches of Almighty God have been founded in many countries and regions, such as Korea, the USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Macao, and Hong Kong; the word of Almighty God has been published on the media and big websites overseas; the experience testimony videos of God’s chosen people of the Church suffering the CCP government’s persecution have been uploaded to the big websites overseas. This is God’s wisdom and almightiness, and it is even more a mark that God’s work is crowned with success.

                The evil CCP runs counter to right principles and acts against Heaven. To turn China into a region without God and control and enslave the Chinese people forever, it not only uses the means of framing, lying, deceiving, etc. to induce and incite them to fight a people’s war, blatantly opposing God, but also mobilizes national regular troops on a large scale to annihilate the Church of Almighty God, setting off an evil tide of frenziedly suppressing and wantonly arresting Christians nationwide and pushing the Chinese people to the brink of death. The evil CCP is really a violent terrorist group that deceives the public to win reputation! It’s known to all that the army of a country defends the homeland and serves the people. However, the CCP’s army doesn’t fulfill the role of protecting people’s life safety, but instead becomes the executioner that represses and annihilates the innocent Christians and suppresses and persecutes people. It’s sufficient to show that the CCP is evil, reactionary, and devilish in substance! It really deserves to be cursed! In retrospect, the Jews two thousand years ago nailed Jesus onto the cross, and they committed a monstrous sin, provoked God’s disposition, and were punished by God, and so the whole race suffered an unprecedented misery from the destruction of their nation. Now, the evil CCP and Chinese people resist God together. Their evil deed has already stirred God’s anger. How can the CCP escape the destiny of being destroyed? How can the Chinese nation escape the outcome of perishing?

by Wang Lu

(from China)

[Almighty God][Eastern Lightning][The Church of Almighty God]

The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—the end-time Christ, “Almighty God”—in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s expression, you will see that God has appeared.