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The Hymn of Life Experience “Here We Get Together” | The Church of Almighty God

Here We Get Together

Loving each other Becoming one family Ah … ah….
Here we get together; it’s a gathering of the lovers of God.
We are intimate and unprejudiced, inwardly filled with happiness and sweetness.
Before we had guilt and indebtedness; today we understand each other and live in God’s love.
Our gathering is so joyful without flesh. Brothers and sisters love each other and become one family.
Being unprejudiced Being intimate Ah … ah….

Here we get together; it’s a world-wide gathering.
Having been corrupted yet saved, we possess the same language and will.
We pour out to each other the parting feelings, and fellowship about our experiences and knowledge.
We’ve stepped onto the brilliant path of human life. The prospect is pleasant, full of vitality and light.
Pleasant prospect Full of light Ah … ah….

Here we get together, but will soon part.
Shouldering God’s commission and bearing His will, we’ll leave each other for work.
So much joy and laughter in the gathering, so much mutual encouragement at separation time.
God’s love inspires our persistent faithfulness.
For a beautiful tomorrow, we’ll exert all our strength.
For a beautiful tomorrow, we’ll exert all our strength.

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