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An Introduction About Almighty God and The Church

of  Almighty God

     Only a small number of Christians kept on believing in God, but they could only silently pray to God and sing hymns to praise God in their hearts, and beseech God to revive the church. Finally by 1981, the church was really revived. The Holy Spirit began to work greatly in China. The churches sprang up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and more and more people believed in God. In 1983, when the church revival reached the climax, the Communist Party of China started a new round of cruel suppression. Millions of people were arrested, put in prison, and educated through labor. The government of the great red dragon only allowed the believers in God to join in “the Three-Self Patriotic Churches” set up by the government, attempting to thoroughly do away with the underground house churches. But the Holy Spirit still worked greatly in the underground churches, which could not be restricted by the government. In the stream of the working of the Holy Spirit, the incarnated Christ appeared in a hidden way and began to work in some house churches. In 1991, a sister in a church received the moving and word of the Holy Spirit and testified “God’s name” and “God’s coming.” At the time, all the people were very excited but did not understand what it was all about. From then on, Christ began to utter her voice and speak. Pieces of words came one after another. All the people were passing them around and felt that they were the words of the Holy Spirit and surely came from God. All the people were extremely excited and were full of enjoyment in the meetings, and everyone was immersed in happiness. As Christ expressed more and more words, all people paid attention to enjoying God’s words, and their hearts were completely gripped by God’s words. So in the meetings they formally began to enjoy the present words of the Holy Spirit. At that time, people did not know yet that God was incarnated and Christ appeared and only regarded Christ’s expression as the revelation of the Holy Spirit received by an ordinary sister, because in Christ’s expression, God had not formally testified about God’s incarnation. No one understood what incarnation was all about, and they only knew that these words were the revelation of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, they still called Christ sister and treated her as a man. Only when Christ’s speaking reached the peak did God begin to testify about God’s incarnation, explaining the differences between the Holy Spirit’s descending on man and the Holy Spirit’s working on man and disclosing the mystery of the Spirit’s being realized in the flesh. Only then did people know that the sister who lived among men and expressed the words to shepherd and supply the church was God incarnate, Christ, and God who had appeared. Having realized this, they all hated their being too blind and too foolish and ignorant and prostrated before Christ repenting and weeping, heartbroken with deep sorrow, their cries heard everywhere. At that time, people’s hearts were filled with mixed feelings of grief and joy, which could not be described. When seeing Christ, they only knew to prostrate on the ground. If they did not prostrate, they felt uneasy in their hearts. When prostrating before Christ, they had enjoyment and felt that they had truly returned before God and were ones who belonged to God. After Christ appeared, she expressed more and more words, gradually entering the right track of God’s working, and lifting the curtain over the judgment beginning with the family of God. God’s words completely conquered people. Through Christ’s disclosing the meaning of God’s name, the name of Almighty God came into being. So people directly prayed to the name of Almighty God, and in the meetings they enjoyed the words of Almighty God. This is because these words (that is, all the words in The Word Appears in the Flesh) are God’s present work, God’s word in the new age, and people’s present need. Since there were God’s new work and word, naturally the Bible became old, and naturally no one paid heed to the various kinds of sayings and theories of the Age of the Grace. People were all conquered by God’s present word, as if they had seen heaven open. Because God disclosed all kinds of mysteries, people broadened their horizons, seeing that most of the sayings held by people previously in the Age of the Grace were notions and contained deviations and erroneous things. Thanks to God’s appearing, people stepped onto the right track of believing in God. Only after people were conquered by God’s word did they find that this ordinary and normal person who expressed God’s word was Christ and God’s incarnated flesh.

   Christ was born in an ordinary family in the north. From childhood, she knew in her heart that there is God. She gradually grew up as an ordinary person does. In 1989 just when the Holy Spirit was working greatly in the house churches, Christ gave up her studies and formally entered the house church. At the time, Christ was fervent in her heart and extremely thirsted to serve God and perform her duty. Two years later, Christ began to express words, writing down words in her heart and giving them to the church. Afterwards, as the words expressed by Christ testified and disclosed, Christ was known and exalted by people and became the Practical God venerated and loved and esteemed by mankind. Christ does not only have a normal humanity, but has a full divinity. She can express the truth at any time and in any place, disclosing the substance of mankind’s corruption. She is full of truth and wisdom in speaking and viewing things, as Jesus was. What Christ speaks and has is not learned from books but is completely from the divine substance she possesses. Christ is just from God. From her life, what people see is her completely normal humanity. From her work and from her patience with mankind, people can see her divine substance and her nature that is not to be offended by man. Although Christ has the weaknesses of the humanity as Jesus had, she even more has the substance of obeying God’s Spirit. She is full of truth and wisdom, causing people to be convinced in the heart and in the mouth. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life, in name and in reality! God is incarnated and becomes a small person and works among men in a humble and hidden way, conquering mankind and defeating the enemies through expressing the truth. He has long overcome completely and been testified and proclaimed. This is God’s almightiness and wisdom and God’s glory. Because of Christ’s appearing and working, The Church of Almighty God came into being. Then the brothers and sisters in The Church of Almighty God began to testify about God’s work and started the work of spreading Christ’s kingdom gospel. This is the brief introduction about the background of God’s incarnated flesh coming in a hidden way to work. To put it simply, the incarnated Christ comes to the land where the great red dragon inhabits and expresses the word of judgment and chastisement, conquering and saving God’s chosen people in China; that is, the incarnated God fights with satan in the den of the great red dragon, and in order to wake up mankind and cause them to hear God’s voice and recognize God’s voice and thus return before God and be saved by God, she has expended everything. This is a thing rare throughout thousands of years and of extremely profound meaning. When God is incarnated this time and works to save man, it is to arrange mankind’s destinations and end the age. God comes to Mainland China, the land where the great red dragon inhabits, in a hidden way to work, conquering and saving the deeply corrupt mankind and perfecting a group of overcomers. This has lifted the curtain over the judgment of the great white throne in the end time and has opened the path for God’s appearing publicly to every nation and every place in the world in the next step.

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